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Good afternoon 


I hope you are well in the strange times that we are in.


I wanted to offer an update on where we are at Knauf with our response to the risks that we are all currently facing.  We, like you, are finding ways of looking after our people and customers now and into the future.  We’re following advice from the government and sharing plans and contingencies with our partner businesses across Europe to learn and to share (I’m actually reassured by what I hear from our business in Italy despite the “lock down”).


In terms of customer contact…

  • Our Customer Service Team have tested home working over the last week or so and will all be fully operational from home by Monday 23rd March.  Contact numbers and email addresses are unchanged.  This is a system we have used on numerous occasions (Beast from the East etc.) so we have confidence in it.
  • All field based teams are now working from home where they have usual system access to keep themselves available to you and your customers.
  • Our Technical Support Team are now home working, again with full system access to maintain support.
  • All office based support functions have tested system access from home and will be making the move this week.  All will be fully operational at home by Monday 23rd March.
  • With the virus reported as being more advanced in London, we emptied the fridge of perishables and shut our Clerkenwell Showroom yesterday.  The team are now working at home and contactable in the usual way.
  • We have a very small team who will cover the offices in Sittingbourne to check the post, answer any un-diverted phones etc. so there is no need for you to change anything at your end.


In terms of production…

  • Plants continue to run well with the teams working with the segregation we have in place both on site and from shift to shift.
  • We did experience a minor glitch in the supply chain in moving a raw material across European borders this week. High contingency stocks (which we used to call “Brexit contingency stock”!) mean that there was no disruption from this.


In terms of distribution…

  • Stocks are currently high of finished goods thanks to our strong Winter stock build.
  • Demand is currently unaffected it would appear and we are meeting it with almost 99% In Full performance month to date.


My great team have taken steps that I believe best prepare us for whatever is to come.  We won’t have everything covered, but today I think we are in good shape.


You will have more important emails in your inbox to deal with so I don’t intend to inundate you with updates.  For now, our plan is deployed.  I will update with any significant changes in this way, otherwise our Customer Service and Sales Teams will work with your teams in the normal way.


All the best… stay healthy…




Ian Dean
Managing Director
Knauf UK & Ireland